I’m all in! for the *nth time!

There are handful of untitled docs in my google drive that say something like the statement below.
There are documents saved as early as 2006. They all share the same crazy drive and excitement. And then …
The spots on my brain did that. I forgot to go back and finish this thing I’m very passionate about.
I discovered all the google documents after a difficult conversation with my husband. He was reminding / revealing that I have been here MANY times over.
He has watched me go through this cycle over and over.
The statement below is the springboard that I will use to remind myself and show you where this started, where it is now and I can’t wait to see what a year from now looks like!
If I have a magic wand, next year, I will be a voice you want to hear! 🙂
I will do what my heart KNOWS!
I’m the best friend you haven’t met yet.
You can laugh with me, get your groove back and KILL IT!

I want to inspire, motivate and empower you and your people.
I have ZERO evidence to back this claim up. ZERO leadership training. ZERO college.
My husband and I used to joke that I was a “drama bomb magnet”.
When I am near people that are a little depleted and need extra care, they are drawn to me and me to them.
Sometimes they just need to get it off of their mind and I’m a sounding board..Sometimes they need to share the heaviness of the load they are carrying and I can help carry some of it or help them weed through it

For a while, I thought I was what has been trending lately … an empath
BUT, I don’t have super powers. It’s not supernatural.

There it is, a small statement that I will use to remind my spotty brain what I/YOU/WE CAN do!


(: welcome : )

272CCCB4-E00F-4758-B988-CB277E8CB9EDHi! I’m Candace
I’m a 30-something North Dallas wife and mom.
I love music, live theater, at home fitness & SHENANIGANS!!

This blog is the story of me.
It is also a creative roadmap for me.
Thanks to my spotty brain, there are days where the stories
I’m writing to you now, about the past, will be new to me then.

My “spotty brain” is a reference to my Multiple Sclerosis.
Multiple Sclerosis is a neurological autoimmune disease.
My immune system attacks itself.
Yes, it’s that stupid.

Look around and find out more
: P

There are so many stories and experiences that have come from this disease! Some of them are heart-warming, some are a little sad, MOST of them have a humorous undertone and little bits of motivation that help get me through the tough stuff.

Being a human is so strange.
Being this human is strange & silly & awesome!