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272CCCB4-E00F-4758-B988-CB277E8CB9EDHi! I’m Candace
I’m a 30-something North Dallas wife and mom.
I love music, live theater, at home fitness & SHENANIGANS!!

This blog is the story of me.
It is also a creative roadmap for me.
Thanks to my spotty brain, there are days where the stories
I’m writing to you now, about the past, will be new to me then.

My “spotty brain” is a reference to my Multiple Sclerosis.
Multiple Sclerosis is a neurological autoimmune disease.
My immune system attacks itself.
Yes, it’s that stupid.

Look around and find out more
: P

There are so many stories and experiences that have come from this disease! Some of them are heart-warming, some are a little sad, MOST of them have a humorous undertone and little bits of motivation that help get me through the tough stuff.

Being a human is so strange.
Being this human is strange & silly & awesome!