The Princess that was Promised

My husband and I didn’t really get a chance to want babies
before we were told I couldn’t have them.
My body was taking a vaca from what it was built to do.
… my body is obnoxiously consistent with this …
Not following directions

My thyroid was a really big dill hole. Seriously.
And to be honest, A LOT of endocrinologists are too.
I’ve been through SO many endocrinologists.
My body has trouble absorbing Synthroid.
Synthoid is very commonly used to treat and regulate many
thyroid disorders. Something important that your
thyroid aids in is memory.

The Docs saw …
no thyroid & her levels are low …
Non-compliant patient
I thought I was just forgetting doses too.
Until we realized that the problem was the drug,
those (possibly) missed doses wouldn’t have helped.

A fall on the front porch helped us figure it out.
I stood up too fast & passed out.
My noggin needed a few stitches and we had questions.
Off to the ER …
The endocrinologist on call was willing to try something different.
After a strong dose of IV Synthroid didn’t change my levels, the doc had confirmation of a drug interaction problem, not patient compliance.

Because my thyroid was so off, my monthly cycle was irregular.
I’d sometimes go months with no cycle.
Get your hormones in check! FOR REAL!

My MS Specialist was really concerned with how aggressive my MS was & since I was not cycling regularly, with no real fear of getting pregnant, we removed birth control from my meds.
That was in the spring of 2003.

2 years later, in the front bathroom of my in-laws house, 2 positive pregnancy tests were staring up at me from the counter.

I’m the first of three girls, my spouse is the first of two boys.
We both have younger siblings. There is a 7 year gap between us and them.

The tiny human I just found out about
would be the first, the best & the MOST LOVED!
1st grandchild
1st nephew/niece
1st non-furry dependent

My MS did not interfere with my pregnancy. At all. I was lucky that it just took a step back. Pregnancy and Multiple Sclerosis can be easy or it can be devastating. Some women don’t discover MS until they are pregnant.

The tiny human that I get to raise is the
At 13, she is not a TINY HUMAN anymore.
She’s fierce & funny.

She tried to make her debut about 12 weeks early …
With bed rest, and then pelvic rest,
She made it to 36 weeks.
I was only in labor about 14 hours,
and the active labor lasted less than 15 minutes.
She came out healthy, happy and with a full head of hair.

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