Going from a 2 story townhouse to a renting a small bedroom from his Mom and Dad.

After the first hospitalization, we moved from our cute, two-story town house to a nice, 2 bedroom, bottom floor, apartment. We were in the bottom floor apartment for a about 9 months before my 2nd hospitalization. After my diagnosis, our income got cut in half, as well as our short run of independence.

My husband’s family opened up a spare bedroom for us to rent. Both of them enjoy cooking and it was always cool to learn different recipes from them. My brother-in-law was a teen and we got along fine. During our time living with them, we were able to save up money towards buying our first home.

We knew we wanted to buy a house in the same town we grew up in. It was a good school district, a safe town & both sets of first-time grandparents were already here. There are also 2 aunt’s and an uncle. Yup, grandparents!
While living with my in-laws, we created a human.
It wasn’t planned, but we were OVERJOYED!
I’ll tell you more about her is another story!

We also liked the extra assistance if my MS acted up. With a disease as unpredictable as MS, having a back-up plan is advised.

While sometimes I wish I had more time between HS and MS to experience life, I’m also VERY grateful to have had such a great support system available since the beginning.

My first year as a newlywed did not go as I had hoped or planned, it was a crash course on “in sickness and in health”. Both of us stand by those vows. 17 years in, we are still in it to win it!

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