Medical Stuffs … MS isn’t the only culprit

Whoever makes us … (insert your chosen diety here) … was distracted or under the influence of something when they threw me together.

I came out cross eyed … but they went out, not in. Like two lazy eyes. A few surgeries before I was 16 greatly improved my vision.
My baby feet were shaped funny, so I wore special shoes for a short time.
At 17, we found out my thyroid was WAY overactive. So they ablated it using radioiodine. (I swallowed a pill with a little radio-iodine that ate it away)

My joints are extra silly too. The ligaments are too long / loose.
We discovered the ligament issue while I was in surgery for my right knee to fix a strange dislocation problem.
Nah … the nook my kneecap is meant to lock into didn’t fully form.
My joints will always be loose, prone to roll or dislocate, taking a active role in my health allows me to prevent further injury.

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